A Reboot I Can Get Behind

Hello there. Do you like Batman? I like Batman too! Cool, let’s be friends for always.

Question two: Do you like Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle? The John Rogers run? What? You do? Amazing! Let’s get tattoos of each others names immediately.

I loved the reimagining of Blue Beetle for Jaime Reyes. It gave us a brand new hero, with his own identity, that I felt also respected the legacy of the characters that had taken up that name before without being constrained by it. Plus, it had one of the best supporting casts of any comic book ever. If a reboot or reimagining can grab me in the same way that the Blue Beetle one did, I’d love it to bits. Which is why I would like to direct your attention to this reimagining of Batman by the author of Dresden Codak, Aaron Diaz. If DC would print a series based on it, I would buy  the crap out of it. I would race to the comic book shop so fast you’d call me the Flash (because I would have forgotten to put on any pants). I feel it highlights many of the themes that I personally like about Batman and his supporting cast. Make it a limited series Elseworlds, or a new line in the style of the Ultimate universe, or put it in the new new 56 or whatevs if you don’t want to mess with your “precious continuity”. I just want some great comic books.

(Diaz has also done reimaginings of the Justice League and the Legion of Doom, which I could take or leave since I didn’t find them as compelling. But the Batman reboot is one I can really get behind. Oh, and Moss as a nerdy Cyborg! That idea just fills me with so much glee.)

3 responses to “A Reboot I Can Get Behind

    • Good man! I am a huge fan of Jaime. Haven’t followed the recent relaunch of the title though. Will probably pick them up when I am back in Melbourne. Any good?

      • YEAH!>D

        The new series is awesome! New origin and amazing art! Some people say it stats off a little slow but the buildup is worth it! Plus, Jaime has his own, original villains both in the Reach and outside of them. One of them, Silverback, is a part of the Brotherhood of Evil! Jaime was the reason I got into comics, due to him being on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and I wanted more of him and I was excited when I learned about his comic. Then I was upset when it had already been cancelled, so I bought the trades, enjoyed them, and then I started buying a lot more comics over the years, especially anything with Blue Beetle in it. Eight days until issue 4!

        BLUE BEETLE 4EVER!! >D

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