Tesla’s Atomic Robot

I was recently reminded to pimp Atomic Robo out to every comic fan I know.

Now, usually with my board game reviews I will give a short (When you compare it to a medical textbook, they’re short okay. Context is everything, people.) description of what the game is like and an overview of the rules. Then, I will spout some half-baked (I wonder if I could write while literally half-baked? Remind me to do that one day.) opinions on the game and tell you to go play it and see for yourself. I have yet to write a proper comic book review (I assure you, this isn’t one) but I assume they would follow a similar format. I do intend to write a proper review of each volume of Atomic Robo eventually when my first two volumes return from exile in Rahul’s strange realm. However, every day that I do not pimp Atomic Robo to my friends is a day less they could have spent reading Atomic Robo, and what kind of friend would that make me? The worst, that’s what. (Edit: Ironically, I couldn’t get it to post last night due to spotty internet but I realized this morning I could use the iPhone app. Yay technology.)

So, here’s my 5 second mini-mini-review of Atomic Robo:

What is it about?

Tesla built a nuclear powered self aware robot. He does science and punches things. Sometimes he punches things with science. Other times, he sciences things with punches.

What do I think about it?

It’s great. Go read it now.


How do I read it now? I don’t have the books in front of me. Oh, if only there was some kind of magical (and totally legal) process that allows comic images to be transferred into packets of data that can stored on servers and accessed remotely using some kind of software which would then convert that data into a visual reconstruction of those comic images on the screen of my personal computer or mobile device.

Allow me to point your browser to the free comics provided by the good people behind Atomic Robo. By the by, it may interest you that the writer of Atomic Robo is none other than renowned webcomics creator and dapper gentleman Brian Clevinger of 8-Bit Theater. There is also a handy Timeline (SPOILERS!!)to whet your appetite for what goes on between the covers of the actual volumes.

Go. Read. Enjoy. You can thank me later.

2 responses to “Tesla’s Atomic Robot

    • The great thing about Atomic Robo is the way they have put the stories together. There are currently 5 Volumes available in Trade Paperback format, and each one is pretty much self contained so you can essentially read one without having read the others. Yes, it’s best to read all of them to really get the characters but the plots themselves are done by the end of the volume. I don’t think there are any “Ultimate Editions” out yet, but if they do release them I will be getting them. I really like their philosophy and the publishing model that they have, as they explain clearly on their site. Currently I’m buying and reading the single issues digitally on Comixology, and only getting physical copies of the trades.

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