Been pretty busy at work and Canberra’s amazing hayfever is kicking me in the sinus-groin, so updates are delayed. Session report on the traditional Saturday Games at Wells Street forthcoming.

Saturday Games Mini Report: I only played 1 game of Innovation, but taught Innovation, Discworld: Ankh-Morpork, Isla Dorada and Kingsburg. All went okay except for Kingsburg, which got played wrong. Should have stayed longer to make sure the turns went correctly before jumping into Innovation and/or checked on how the game was going. Dixit was also played but I was busy deep frying banananananananas. Also, we played DnD before board games as usual. I think I need to re-jig my campaign, since my players are much much more interested in combat than anything else.

Pizzas Eaten: Gardham, Polska Kielbasa, Chicken Mushroom, Hot Lover, BBQ Sausage, Sweet Chilli Chicken (I think).

Rating: Inexplicable.

In better news, I now have a permanent internet connection in Canberra.

Now to go be unconscious for about 6 hours.

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