The 2012 Achievements List

In the spirit of gaming, instead of resolutions or goals I thought I would set up a list of unlockable achievements for myself for the year 2012. I will reward grant rewards to myself as I unlock achievements and aditional items may be added to the list as achievements are unlocked. So here we go, the Achievements List for 2012:

Leave No Game Unplayed

Unlock: Play every unplayed game in my board game library, including games that have been ordered but not delivered. Current list is:

Glen More

Summoner Wars Master Set

Guards! Guards! A Discworld Boardgame

51st State


Kingdom Builder (ordered)

Mage Knight Board Game (ordered)

Penny Arcade: The Game – Gamers Vs. Evil (ordered)

Dominant Species (ordered)

Belfort (ordered)

Risk Legacy (ordered)

Rex: Final Days of an Empire (pre-ordered, hopefully this one makes it in 2012)

Reward: One new large board game (I’m thinking my own copy of Through the Ages). Also, unlocks the ability to buy new board games again. Prior to this achievement being unlocked, I will not be purchasing any new board games for myself. Help me unlock this achievement!

Hitched to the Post

Unlock: Have at least 2 new posts per week for 4 weeks straight on this blog.

Reward: One new small board game/card game/trade paperback, to be reviewed on the blog.

Read ’em and Reap

Unlock: Finish every book that I have bought and yet to read. Exceptions are the two books I bought on sale that are part of the series, but missing the intermediate book. Those will be reserved for later. Current list (from memory, may be edited later) is:


The Court of The Air

The Rise of the Iron Moon (awaiting The Kingdom Beyond the Waves)

Midnight Tides (awaiting House of Chains)

A Game of Thrones

Lankhmar Omnibus

Ciaphas Cain Hero of the Imperium

Reward: One new book. Also, unlocks the ability to buy new books again. Prior to this achievement being unlocked, I will not be purchasing any new books for myself

Get Off Your Bum

Unlock: Run/gym at least twice a week for 4 weeks in a row.

Reward: Satisfaction. Oh, and dinner at Dainty or NotDainty. Unless I am invited for an important event, I will not be eating at Dainty or NotDainty until this achievement is unlocked.

Brine Elemental + Vesuvan Shapeshifter

Unlock: Make pickled green mangoes.

Reward: I get to eat pickled green mangoes. Mmmm. Yum.

It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Unlock: Be a vegetarian for a week. No fish or eggs.

Reward: Steak. How ironic. But, I’ve always wanted to try the vegetarian diet and see how I like it.

Playing With Myself

Unlock: Prototype and have a playable copy of my own board game design, and play it at least once.

Reward: One new large board game. If Leave No Game Unplayed has not been unlocked, then I get to take one game off the list instead.

Coren Competencies

Unlock: Have my D&D Campaign reach the Coren Arc and Paragon Tier. Yes, I could cheat and skip ahead, but this is more a motivation for me to keep developing the campaign to reach the Coren Arc organically and have regular D&D sessions.

Reward: New miniatures! I won’t impose a restriction on this achievement, but I probably will not be buying new minis regularly anyways.

Those are the achievements I can think of so far. Of course, for those who know me personally, please feel free to mock me mercilessly if I fail to unlock the achievements and also come over and help me unlock Leave No Game Unplayed. I am also open to any suggestions for other achievements, and let me know if anyone else does this as well. I hope everyone has a good new year ahead.

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