Remember That Time When…

I just spent almost 2 hours chatting with Heng Lin and reminiscing about all that’s happened since we moved into our current place on Wells Street. It was quite nice just thinking back to all the fun times we have had here, and trying to piece together what happened when and with whom. One thing that I discussed was how my board gaming hobby has played a big part in our social lives, and how I am really glad I took up this hobby. I look at my game shelf and at every board game I own, and what I think of is not how great the draft mechanics are (amazing) or how well balanced the scoring system is, but the memories of the fun times we had playing those games and the people who played them.

I look at Citadels and I remember the highly highly entertaining game we once had with Ian, Edwin and Jinwei. I think of how funny these guys are together, especially when it came to grabbing the role of the King and the shiny shiny crown. Like a dog. I believe that particular phrase may have in fact predated “Like a boss”. I remember a lot of this also happening during our Magic playing heyday, which also leads to many great memories: Jinwei’s “0-mana-Swerve”; the Grudge Matches; Edwin always playing Blue, forgetting to draft creatures, complaining about how we attack him when he’s defenseless (that’s the best time, you know), and then winning regardless; Hao Ern’s Green fatties and penchant for getting songs stuck in his head.

I look at Revolution and remember how Heng Lin always Fists the Priest, and did it to great effect and won his first couple of games. I see the cover of Endeavor and I remember playing it with Daniel and CK while Hancock was on TV, leading to the birth of the “Good jaaaarb” meme. I remember playing Power Grid in the apartment before we had officially moved in. Battlestar Galactica causing Kim to get upset, and how you should always brig Su Ann first because she is always a Cylon, no exceptions. Jeff’s reckless pollution in 20th Century and stating that he would just clean it up later (like all the companies do anyway). I remember finally getting the sex change spring in Tales of the Arabian Nights, and sneaky attempts at Forum wins in Glory to Rome. Kim Hon getting Steven to look at his role card by suggesting that the Saboteur wears an eyepatch. Chen Siang’s epic run of luck in Discworld Ankh Morpork. The carpet muncher, Professor Layton and Sherwin’s super long Thor tale in Dixit. Daniel tweeting me his epic smackdown of Steven in King of Tokyo. Playing Princes of Florence at Edwin’s housewarming. Our first games of Agricola in the old Franklin Street apartments. Daniel and I playing White and Yellow in Settlers of Catan at Adrian’s old place. Family Business in college and on the houseboat trip, where Desperate Dan survived many a gangland shooting. What is Renegato? in Bang! Our Dominion and Ascension phases. The half day long sessions of Through the Ages.

I am so happy for all the great memories I have from my brief forays into the board gaming hobby, and I really appreciate the times I have spent playing games and having fun creating those memories with all my great friends. This is really why I buy and play board games. Yes, they are intellectually rewarding and strategically deep, but most of all they are fun and lead to good times shared with great people. Thanks all of you, cardboard and fleshy ones alike, for the amazing years of gaming so far and here’s hoping for many, many more to come.

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