The Growing Pile of Games

Was planning to do the Perth post today, but got sidetracked by looking through old photos and decided to post this series of photos instead.
I went from this raggedy pile in 2008 (I know the filename says 2009, but I just realised that was when I uploaded it online, and this is more likely the 2008 pile since it doesn’t have Power Grid or Agricola in it):

To this handsome and reasonably priced shelf in 2010:

To this expansion in 2011:

To this wonderful gift at the end of 2011:

And now in stunning blurry picture mode:

Quite a journey so far, and I know it will be continuing…

One response to “The Growing Pile of Games

  1. When will you be back? Feel like playing a long game like TTA or one of the good oldies like Agricola/Powergrid

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