The Action Points Podcast! Episode Alpha


Well, well. What do we have here? It appears to be a Moving Pictures Expert Group Audio Layer III type file. I wonder what’s in it?

Action Points Podcast – Episode Alpha

It’s the first ever recording of the Action Points Podcast! Not content to just slack off on writing blog posts, I’ve now committed to also slack off on recording audio files of me and my friends talking inanely about games and comics. I managed to enlist (trick/coerce/blackmail) a couple of my friends to join me on this endeavour: Evan and Daniel who does not have something relevant to link to.  Well, even if we didn’t record them, we’d still be having these conversations. I just hope someone else finds them entertaining as well. Please bear with us as we are all complete amateurs at this, but we hope to improve as we produce more of these.

Podcast notes have been known to frequent this area:

  • 0:54       Daniel talks about playing K2 at the “Eurogames at the Royal Standard” meetup.
  • 1:46       I give a quick rundown on Guildhall, which I also played at the same meetup. I’ve also briefly reviewed it here.
  • 4:03       Daniel goes into more depth on K2.
  • 7:12       Meatballs?
  • 7:51       Evan is excited for Story War, now on Kickstarter, and playtesting in Melbourne on Sunday, 3 March 2013, 2 pm, at Good Games Melbourne.
  • 11:05     We chat about Seasons and Daniel reveals he has been preparing to beat us down with the skills he’s developed by playing 109375985 games of Seasons on Boardgame Arena.
  • 14:30     I talk about my new board game arrivals! First one is Dungeon Command: Curse of Undeath, the latest set for the D&D miniatures skirmish game.
  • 14:51     The other new game I received is Myrmes, a heavy-ish Euro where you control the fate of an ant colony.
  • 15:20     Daniel and I discuss Village, and how we enjoyed killing old people in it.
  • 20:55     Evan reveals his tendency to play for “story”, rather than victory.
  • 21:44     I revel in being a sneaky bastard in multiplayer Magic.
  • 23:38     We discuss conveying theme while teaching a game.
  • 24:08     I recap my last game of Cosmic Encounter, also played at the meetup.
  • 26:01     A quick mention of King of Tokyo played at the meetup, and my love for giant monsters smashing face. I’ve previously reviewed King of Tokyo here.
  • 26:30     We discuss the etiquette and logistics of leaving a board game early.
  • 29:14     Moving on to COMICS!
  • 30:01     Evan on catching up on Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy, through his exposure to Naoki Urasawa’s reimagining in Pluto.
  • 30:40     Evan shares his experience reading Black Jack and we have a brief discussion of adult themes in comics perceived as targeted to a younger audience.
  • 35:46     Gushing over 20th Century Boys.
  • 36:20     We go over our comic book shelving systems.
  • 38:08     A short interlude for some crude toilet humour (and Beartato comics!).
  • 39:18     I share one of my favourite Beartato comics, and we discuss webcomics for toilet reading.
  • 41:19     We talk about the Dresden Codak Kickstarter and the comic itself.
  • 44:57     A short rant on slipcases.
  • 46:53     I reveal my inability to listen the conversation. We mentioned Melbourne right at the start, and multiple times after that.
  • 47:11     A final shameless plug for “Eurogames at the Royal Standard”.
  • 49:12     “It’s FINALLY over?!” says no one at all. Because no one is listening. Except me, because I had to compile these notes.

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