The Action Points Podcast! Episode Zeta


Hello  again fellow geeks! We present to you another episode of the Action Points Podcast, the pretty much weekly podcast about geeky things. Apologies for the poor audio quality, as our recording setup is really not great at all. It’s pretty terrible. I basically pay a kid to sit down with a needle and a piece of vinyl and listen to me talk.

In this episode:

Evan is really excited to tell us about Bioshock Infinite, which leads us into a discussion about how videogames function as art. It’s a really interesting topic, which many people smarter than us have covered as well (I personally like the discussions on the Indoor Kids podcast) but we thought we’d add our little warm stream into the vast ocean of videogame commentary as well. Before that though, we also talk about some comics – Injustice: Gods Among Us #13 by Tom Taylor, Tom Derenick and Andrew Elder,  An Enchantment by Christian Durieux, and Yotsuba& by Kiyohiko Azuma. We also gush about the Simon & Marcy episode of Adventure Time, and the best use of the Cheers theme song in another show ever.  In the world of board games, we briefly touch on Bioshock Infinite: Siege of Columbia by Isaac Vega and Plaid Hat Games, and Puzzle Strike 3rd Edition by David Sirlin and Sirlin Games.

Download link below or on iTunes:, and feel free to send us any feedback at

Episode Zeta – Bioshock Infinite and Videogames as Art

Music: Theme for Harold (var. 2) by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.

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