(Fake) Love Letter

2013-05-19 Fake Love Letter 11

I’ve spoken about making my own crappy fake version of Love Letter on the podcast. I was originally planning to wait until the copy I ordered arrived to post some comparison photos, but you can find out what the real thing (AEG version) looks like on BGG anyways. I also discovered some other really great home-made versions and rethemes. My favourite is the Adventure Time retheme, and I think Daniel will get a kick out of the Doctor Who one. Now that you’ve seen some good ones, allow me to lower the bar with my hand made version.

Here we have the hastily constructed box:

2013-05-19 Fake Love Letter 12

The box holds several reference cards (handwritten, like a peasant):

2013-06-21 Fake Love Letter 02

The victory points are unevenly cut and glued representations of letters:

2013-06-21 Fake Love Letter 03

The cards are basically slips of paper backed by random Magic cards in an opaque backed card sleeve:

2013-05-19 Fake Love Letter 10

Here’s what the Guards look like (crappy cartoon guard, possibly ex-adventurer, with one (1) arrow in left knee and a need to over-explain the “joke”):

2013-06-21 Fake Love Letter 04

The pair of Priests are poorly drawn renditions of Reverend Reallylikehappyhappy:

2013-06-21 Fake Love Letter 05

The Barons are the hardest to recognise, due to my uneven arting. He’s supposed to be Baron Munchausen:

2013-06-21 Fake Love Letter 06

I’m kind of proud of the horrible punniness that are my Hand-maids:

2013-06-21 Fake Love Letter 07

Couldn’t think of a more obvious (and easy to draw) Prince? Neither did I:

2013-06-21 Fake Love Letter 08

Finally the singletons. The King is, of course, the King of Town. The Countess is The Count in drag, and hey look it’s Princess Breadroll!

2013-06-21 Fake Love Letter 09

There you have it. My own personal version of Love Letter. I think I’ll still continue to play with this version even when I have the actual copy, since it’s what I used to teach my friends the game and there’s a sort of Stockholm Syndrome-y affection for this crude version.

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