Paper Figures and Tall Counter Stands

Gah. Haven’t been writing much for the blog even though there’s a lot of things I want to write about. I guess the podcast is where I get to rant and review about most things now, but I still like to write and show some photos sometimes.

I recently bought a couple of sets of Litko Tall Counter Stands to use in our Dungeons and Dragons games. They are really straightforward to use. You get to clear pieces of acrylic, which you then assemble on and glue to a circular piece which acts as the base. Ta-da! Instant paper figure stand. I used some generic superglue that I had lying around and it wasn’t too bad, but I should have used some sort of spacer for the stands, since now they’re not all the same width apart. Also, I was a dunce and smeared a couple of the stands, so they look kinda crap.

We recently decided to play a one-shot game at Paragon tier, and I thought it would be a good chance to take the stands for a spin. I got all the characters from the players and proceeded to make paper figures for each of them. I thought they came out all right, and I think the players appreciated having a customised figure and not having to rummage around the minis box for a close fit. I think we’ll try to use them in our regular campaign games as well. As I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare these, I didn’t think to make the paper figures double-sided, and there were definitely some moments of confusion on my part during the game. I’ll definitely do something about it for future uses, either making double-sided paper figures or writing the character name on the reverse of the art side.

The characters were: Half-Elf Elementalist, Genasi Berserker, Dragonborn Hexblade, Wilden Warden, Halfling Sorcerer, and Revenant Cleric/Ardent Hybrid.

DnD Papercraft Characters 01

Here they are in their stands. I deliberately made the paper figures slightly bigger than the stands, for easy removal. Also, HAH! I’ll colour outside the borders if I want to! You’re not the boss of me!

DnD Papercraft Characters 02

I really liked having the option to really customise character art and make it much more special. The stands worked beautifully and I’m excited to let my players come up with their own character interpretations.

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