I am returned

Hello again! Aaron here. Sorry for the lack of updates to the podcast and blog the past couple of weeks. I have been away holidaying in sunny Europe and Malaysia and did not have the forethought to put a buffer of material in place. I flagellate myself in shame. I did find what looked to be a geeky clubroom filled with board games and comic books in Berlin, though. Anyone care to translate the sign? I think it’s explaining what an RPG is.

2013-07-27 Game Room Berlin 01

2013-07-27 Game Room Berlin 02

2013-07-29 Game Room Berlin 03

We actually have a podcast buffer of about 4 episodes now, but idiot that I am, I did not get around to editing them all in time. Additionally, I was flying off the day after PAX and the plan was to quickly record the PAX episode (which is actually our 21st) right before I left and have it edited and slipped in between the buffer episodes. As you can see, the PAX episode has just gone up, so so much for that plan haha. In any case, I am planning to work through the backlog of episodes as quickly as possible to have some semblance of relevance when our podcasts go up. In other news, here’s the pile of loot that arrived while I was away:

2013-08-07 Loot

In addition to that pile, I also have been reading a heap of comics, so we certainly do not lack geeky things to discuss, review and ramble on inanely about. I’m back now, and hopefully I can get my butt into gear and deliver more “quality” opinions and entertainment.


More loot! This time from PAX:

PAX Loot

Also, an update on the status of my (Fake) Love Letter. I’ve further personalized this copy by getting signatures from the Penny Arcade staff on the cards. I had it handy at PAX, so I thought it might be an amusing exercise to try and get signatures of all the Penny Arcade staff. I managed to get most of them, but I’m missing the two Ks: Kristin and Kiko, so I’m hoping to complete the set at the next PAX.

PAX Love Letter

Bonus PAX AUS 2013 review: It was great. Loved it. A plus good. Would purchase again.

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