5 responses to “Race the Sun (PC) Review

    • Thank you! I much prefer writing reviews, but I find some video games speak better with their visuals. I could tell you about the sense of speed, but showing you is easier.

      My first ever video review (Tower of Guns) didn’t add anything at all to the written one I’d done, but it was a fun experiment.

      Thanks for watching us grow :)

  1. I know this one is super old, but I am just rummaging through your archive a bit… This game was really really good and fun! And actually I haven’t thought of Skyroads when I was playing it although it was my childhood game back then and from time to time I am on a dos game hunt and get that game out again. Also the xmas version =) It was great with all its holes and gravity puzzles and exact timings… really really hard to master, but you felt great when you made it to the last tunel… and really bad if you crashed into the last tunel’s walls. Thanks for the short review of the sun.

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