The Action Points Podcast! Episode 47: Allen and Alistair’s Rise to Power

In this episode:

We have a chat with Allen Chang and Alistair Kearney from Rule & Make to discuss their successfully funded Kickstarter for the Rise to Power board game, board game design in Australia and Ameritrash games. It was great to have them both on the podcast and I could geek out with them about board games. Hopefully this isn’t just a one time thing, and we’ll hear more from them in the future. Also, let us know what your thoughts are on Ameritrash games!

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Episode 47 – Allen and Alistair’s Rise to Power

Music: Theme for Harold (var. 2) by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.

Links for the things we talked about:

Rule & Make, @ruleandmake and on Facebook

Rise to Power

Crops & Coins on August 30th at Alchemist’s Refuge (I’ll be teaching Village)

Broken Age aka Double Fine Adventure

Sydney Unpub Mini Games Day

Kickstarter Lessons by Jamey Stegmaier


Screencheat (which we also recorded a video about here)

Malaysian/Singaporean Chinese Accent in Just Cause 2 (Gunung Gila Pangkat?! Gila Pangkat literally means crazy about rank, so Mount Power Hungry sounds about right)

Funding the Dream Podcast on iTunes

APE Games to partner with Rule & Make to publish Rise to Power

Our podcast chat with Mark Morrison of Campaign Coins & the Fate Tokens Kickstarter

RARRR!! by APE Games

Gold Coast Board Games Club

Brisbane Playtest Fest

Jason Kotzur-Yang’s Kickstarter for Hedron. He’s also very active in the Board Game Designers Australia group, runs the End Game Games site, and the Table Pop podcast. Busy man!

Board Games Australia

Our previous podcast episode on creating vs consuming

Nick Smith

Hand of Fate by Defiant Development


Balloon Cup aka Pinata aka Balloon Cup

Love Letter (Adventure Time version! My own crappy version!)

Evan raved about Adventure Time’s Food Chain on this episode




Race for the Galaxy was mentioned, but it wasn’t by Stronghold Games. Perhaps Allen meant Core Worlds?

Dominion and a podcast with Donald X. Vaccarino


Space Cadets and Space Cadets: Dice Duel


Elder Sign

Uwe Rosenberg, Stefan Feld and Martin Wallace

Twilight Struggle

Carl Chudyk: Glory to Rome, Innovation and Impulse

Sushi Go! by Phil Walker-Harding of Adventureland Games

Time Fight

Francis Drake by Peter Hawes

Ticket to Ride

Android: Netrunner

Stasis Lock

Mice and Mystics



Arctic Scavengers

12 responses to “The Action Points Podcast! Episode 47: Allen and Alistair’s Rise to Power

  1. Thanks for the chat guys. I had a lot of fun chatting about game design, and evidently I can’t seem to stop either.

    With regards to Race for the Galaxy or Core Worlds, it turns out I don’t actually know what I meant. I haven’t played either and have only been told our game is similar to one of them, but looks like I’ve confused myself and I don’t know which one people were referring to. I’ll have to play both games and find out myself!

    • It was great to chat with you too ;)

      I haven’t played Core Worlds, but I saw that it was a similar space-themed card game from Stronghold Games so I thought that might have been how you made the jump. I’m a fan of Race for the Galaxy, and I don’t see a really strong connection between that and Rise to Power, so I’m not sure what game is being referred to either.

      It is a mystery.

  2. After a bit more digging, I’ve managed to track down the Time War game Allen mentioned, and it’s actually called Time Fight. I’ve updated the link in the notes :)

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