Embassy Cast: Episode 02 – Penalties

We decided to record another episode after all, this time talking about the semi-controversial mechanic of copping penalties in board games, sometimes known as the dreaded Feeding Phase.

Have a listen to us discuss French New Wave Cinema (not really), the chillout & electro-jazz music scene in the early 2000s (a bit), the occasional passing car and tram (wow the mic on my phone is sensitive and those trams are really loud) and Zeldacat’s bell as he cuts laps around the room, as well as what we hope is an insightful look at bad things happening to players in a few of our favourite games.

It’s 41 minutes long, 38 mb in filesize and for the boffins, encoded at a slightly improved 128kbps stereo. If we keep the eps to 40 minutes or less, we’ll keep it at this quality and filesize unless you’d prefer it smaller. 112k is still pretty good.

The opening fade-in track and outro is a track called Rain by Gaelle.

Happy listening!

Rok & Tim.


Download Link

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