Embassy Cast: Episode 03 – Australian Games

After a lovely email from Hammond and a bit of a think about our funny accents, we put together a bit of a list of Australian board games and designers. Super shout outs to Phil Walker-Harding and his brother David Harding!

Join us at GenCan’t 2014 for this special episode about our local heroes, as well as the occasional tangent completely off the main topic as you may now have come to expect. We also spend a bit of time talking about the shops, online and bricks and mortar, both, that Aussie board game enthusiasts may want to use.

Also massive apologies to our new friend Jason from Brisbane as we completely forgot to plug his Kickstarter for what looks to be a great space-dice game! We’re sorry! Check it out and get backing.

This time you’re up for 50 minutes, 46 mb, and your intro and outro music is from Aussie synth/electro/whateveritisthesedays band Bag Raiders, a good’un called So Demanding.

Happy listening!

Rok & Tim.

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