Introducing the Embassy Cast

2014 has been a very exciting time for us here at the Action Points Podcast. After a year of podcasting and finding our feet, this year we started reaching out to our local geek and creator community and our experience has been nothing short of fantastic. We’ve managed to meet and speak with many wonderful people and share our mutual passion for the geeky things we love, be it games, anime or comics.

For myself, I’ve also started discovering and appreciating other locally produced sites and podcasts such as the (sadly now retired) Noncanonical Podcast, The Fourth Player, The Beta Cast, The Dice Men Cometh and Table Pop. While The Dice Men Cometh and Table Pop cover board games, I was curious whether there were any others that are based in Melbourne, or at least Victoria. My search led me to discover the Embassy Cast, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I think Tim (@vroenis) and Rok (@chibirok) do a great job of covering board game related topics in a casual and very approachable manner, while still offering insightful discussion for fans who are already into board games. They’re obviously passionate and knowledgeable about board games, and that comes through in their podcast.

I reached out to Tim and we had a very nice lunch and chat this past weekend, which has only further cemented my decision to help promote their podcast. Thus, I am very happy to be announce that we will be cross-posting the Embassy Cast here on the Action Points blog and in our feed, starting with the first 4 episodes. This is a podcast that I personally enjoy and am a fan of, and I’m very happy to be associated with them. Please also check out their site for even more great content, and let’s have a great time geeking out about board games together.


You can find Tim and Rok’s site at

You can find the Embassy Cast by using our “Embassy Cast” category, on our iTunes feed, Stitcher feed, or on the Embassy Cast tag on their site.

Episode 01 – People’s Choice Awards

Episode 02 – Penalties

Episode 03 – Australian Games

Episode 04 – Minutes

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