The Action Points Podcast! Episode 52: Fighting Particular Times with Paul Sztajer

In this episode:

We had a chat with Paul Sztajer of SeeThrough Studios about their story-driven physics puzzle video game, Particulars, and also Paul’s involvement in board game design with Time Fight. Also, Evan reviews Seconds, Dan and Aaron talk about games they played at the Godzilla Games board game meetup and Adam eats some cardboard sushi? We also bring back perennial crowd-favourite: Standards Whinging!, and talk about video game achievements and EULAs.


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Episode 52 – Fighting Particular Times with Paul Sztajer

Music: Theme for Harold (var. 2) by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.

Links for the things we talked about:

Check out Particulars from SeeThrough Studios and Time Fight by Paul Sztajer (@pdyxs)

Paul also used to run the Game Engine Podcast

Short Sharp Games Night at Alchemist’s Refuge, Games Laboratory, 328 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne

Check out the “All Power Grid Mapsevent at PAX Australia 2014.

Welcome to the Embassy Cast!


Mare Odomo

Ms. Marvel

Bang! The Dice Game


Sydney Unpub Mini Games Day

Maximum Throwdown

Camel Up

King’s Forge

Sushi Go! by Phil Walker-Harding of Adventureland Games

Any discussion of standards always reminds me of this xkcd strip.

Mark Rosewater writes Making Magic, which is a really great insight into game design.


The Walking Dead Game

The Wolf Among Us

We previously spoke with Nicole and Jason Stark on the podcast here.

Werewolf is a classic “board” game and genre of board games

Player Archetypes (warning: TVTropes link)

Richard Bartle’s examination of player behaviour in MUDs

Timmy, Johnny and Spike (and revisited)

Hate Plus has an unachievable achievement

Sending a garden gnome into space in Half Life 2 Episode 2

The Stanley Parable’s achievements are pretty great

The $1000 EULA

The EULA that lost you your soul

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