The Action Points Podcast! Episode 63b: PAX Aus 2014 Part 2 – PAXtracurricular Activities

In this episode:

In part 2 of our PAX Aus 2014 coverage, we cover the tabletop side of PAX. We also interview some indie board game designers behind Robots & Rockets, Cogz, Hedron, Rise to Power, and Time Fight. Also, a quick interview with Rich Sommer, as Aaron managed to get in a demo of Hedron with him, which he won handily. Also be sure to check out the rest of our PAX Australia 2014 coverage on the podcast!


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Episode 63b – PAX Aus 2014 Part 2 – PAXtracurricular Activities

Music: Theme for Harold (var. 2) by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.

Links for the things we talked about:

Check out our lovely friends at Cardboard Embassy!

Imperial Settlers with Carboard Embassy and Jeannie

Also check out El Luchador Fantastico Grande, currently on Kickstarter, by Al Caynes of Hittin’ Crits

Imperial Settlers

51st State

Going, Going, Gone!

Dungeon of Mandom

The Dice Men Cometh


Rise of Champions

We previously spoke with Mark Morrison of Campaign Coins here

Robots & Rockets is currently in development by Melbourne designer, Sye Robertson


Anthony Sweet of Handwritten Games as well as Let’s Make Games and the Perth Games Festival

Conjure TCG

We previously spoke to Wez on the podcast about COGZ

Ludicrous COGZ

Rich mentioned games by Alex and Paul from Blue Room as well as Monstrous from Kim Brebach. Also mentioned were Catacombs, Ascending Empires, Dungeon Fighter and Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Meeting at the EndGameGames Booth

We also previously spoke with Jason about Hedron and also Ragnarol (Jason’s also put together a cool roundup of some PAX tabletop coverage on his website!)

Triple runner, we previously spoke to Allen and Alistair about Rise to Power, and Nick Smith (you can find his stuff at who did the art for Rise to Power also did art for Hand of Fate, which is a great Australian-made video game which combines a roguelike with deckbuilding elements.

Fourth time a charm, we spoke about Time Fight previously with Paul Sztajer

Board game groups you should check out:

Godzilla Games at Izakaya Chuji

Eurogames at The Royal Standard

Dice, Board & Cards with the friendly folks at The Fourth Player podcast at Games Laboratory (we actually spoke to James and Shayne from Games Lab on the podcast too)

If you’re a game designer in Australia, also check out the Tabletop Games Designers Australia group on Facebook



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