Embassy Cast Episode 07 – Special Guest Sally, PAX Australia

Our very first special guest Sally joins us to talk about her experiences with board games, some favourites and some great commentary to go with it. Sally’s a regular in one of Rok’s groups and is open to any theme and mechanic, so she’s a favourite of ours. Currently studying, she’s the first of our guests that we hope to host on the show where we talk to players of all kinds about what you love about the activity.

For the second part of the episode, we talk about the second ever PAX conference in Australia and what we got up to in the Tabletop area. We also quickly talk about Machi Koro and not so quickly talk about Myrmes because it’s great and worth the time.

The 1 hour, 1 minute and 53 whole seconds are cut roughly in half so Sally gets a goodly amount in. It’s 57 odd megabrites and your intro, intermission and outro music is a song called The Piper’s Song by Australian band Gypsy & The Cat.

Happy listening!

Rok & Tim




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