Embassy Cast Episode 09 – New Games, Ambassadorship

Our first recording of 2015 was juuuust before a little gig we threw called TimCon as part of the Cardboard Embassy Summer of Board Games… but that’s for another day.

We talk about hot new Essen favourites, Orléans, Spyfall, and the current CBE hotness ZhanGho, as well as El Gaucho, La Isla, a bit on Omega Centauri, The Witcher, and also on our hot list, Origin.

The last 19 minutes or so are dedicated to a discussion on ambassadorship, encompassing teaching games, being a good player and a digest of attitude and behaviour.

There was a lot of great discussion in that last bit but it’s been cut down to 1 hour and 9 minutes – it was the first of the year, you have to let us waffle a bit! That’s our excuse. This makes it a smidge over 63 megablips, including opening and closing music by Coup deBam – Find Me, from the good ol’ days of Couch Records.

As we continue the the CBESummerOfBoardGames, make sure you get in touch with us so we can play games with you.

Until then – happy listening!

Rok & Tim.

*Errata! – Viceroy is being published in English by Mayday, not Mayfair!



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