Embassy Cast Episode 10 – The Embassy Cast is BACK! Episode 10 – Mental Health, Catchup

After a long hiatus, Episode 10 is up on Dropbox!

Spoiler alert (but not really), Tim’s been unwell, for lack, of better terms, but we discuss it for fifteen minutes at the beginning of the episode. Tim is bipolar and we’re proud that we discussed it on the show and look forward to including human aspects in a show dedicated to cardboard. These are the realities of our lives and we want everyone to feel comfortable and encouraged in talking about them. Next week: we air our family’s dirty laundry! Kidding.

We’ve done a fair bit of gaming in the interim, so we kick off discussions with Roll For The Galaxy, recent reprints Yedo and Vikings, X-Com, Fields of Arle and North Wind as well as a few others.

I think we did pretty well to keep our return to a tidy 1 hour and 8 minutes, with the file size being 62 megaburgers including intro and outro music by KNOWER with their fantastic cover of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

Huge thanks to everyone we’ve gamed with over the summer, and also theirs and your patience and understanding for the particulars of Tim’s life.

Until next time – happy listening!

Rok & Tim

EDIT: It’s also here!


Download Link

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