Embassy Cast Episode 11 – Special Guests Bruce & Jocie

We are all about the most important people in board gaming – the players! Wait, Sony may have something to say about that. But we really do mean it, though. Making new friends is one of the most rewarding parts of board gaming, so we want to share some of our friends with you because board games are all about bringing people together and enjoying one another over a friendly game of Coup, a game about murder.

Join super special guests Bruce and his daughter Jocie as we learn about their board gaming origins, how we all met up and played games together and some of their favourites including Kemet, Dixit and a great story about Ticket to Ride. It also slipped our minds that Bruce totally digs ZhanGuo but we don’t talk about it – that’s for next time they’re on!

Clocking in at a touch over 54 minutes, your download will be comprised of 49 of our best megaprestigepoints, with intro and outro music chosen by Bruce himself, the smashing 90s power pop song Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet. Those were the days!

Thanks so much to Bruce and Jocie for joining, us, we had an absolute blast. Make sure you follow Bruce on twitter @bruceh72 and say hello.

Tune in next time for more special guests but until then – happy listening!

Rok & Tim



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