Embassy Cast Episode 12 – Special Guests Grace & Rui

You may think “But CBE, it looks like you’re just getting your friends who you board game with on your show as guests” but you’d be absolutely 100% correct because that is precisely what we’re doing. We’re here to show you that the people who play board games are just like you, and that you’re the most important thing about the activity – we mean that from the bottom and all the sides of our hearts.

Join our wonderful guests and best friends Grace and Rui and hear all about how Rui wins everything. Almost everything. We cover X-Com and Robinson Crusoe, as well as Keyflower, Agricola and Caverna, some Felds and a bit of a critique of 7 Wonders and much more.

At a record 1 hour and 10 minutes, you’ll need bandwidth enough for 64 megadice and our intro and outro music is a track called OK Pal from M83.

Thanks as always to our guests, check out Grace’s Instagram feed here including some of her fantastic photography work, and Rui’s epic food Instagram feed here.

There’s also a little bit of a competition announcement in there so be sure to check it out. We’re after feedback at cardboardembassy[at]gmail[dot]com and there are two games up for grabs: Artificium and Port Royal, so tell us which one you want and why, and also what you like about our show, what you don’t like and anything you’d like us to cover in particular. Unfortunately this is only open to Australian residents as we’re not at the stage that we can ship things overseas which is costly. For those overseas, we’ll send you our love until we can hopefully do something for you soon.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Until then – happy listening!



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