Embassy Cast Episode 13 – The Voyages of Marco Polo and Spiel 2015

It’s been two and a bit months and we hope you’ve been well. We certainly have been aside from coughing up bits of our lungs over the winter, but you get that on the big jobs. While we’ve been busy with all manner of things including gaming, the majority of this episode is dedicated to a digest of new Euro hotness The Voyages of Marco Polo and you may not want to miss it, if only to vehemently disagree with us. Differences of opinion are great, it means we’re diverse and unique people! We also speak briefly about BorderCon 2015, some introductory and intermediate train games and a word or two on teaching because our passion as always is to get you playing and helping others to play better.

We set a new record of a smidge over 71 minutes with this one, but it all stays, all 65 megaboats of it. Our opening and closing track is an oldie but a goodie from The Crystal Method called High Roller.

A quick note – thanks to everyone who gave us feedback about the show, online or off, we really appreciate it and we love you all! Hammond won himself a copy of Artificium so we hope he’s enjoying that. We’ll do our best to keep the guests rolling in through the year, and we appreciate that the current Dropbox location isn’t the most convenient, so we’re investigating our options. Hopefully we’ll have a solution soon, or at least a convenient iTunes hookup.

There’ll be plenty more games coverage in future episodes as we’ve played a ton of games both new to us and to publication, so tune in next time, whenever that happens to be. We’re casual that way. Until then – happy listening!

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