Aaron’s Adventures in New Media: Unboxing on Periscope

I tried out Periscope for the first time this week, and decided to try streaming myself unboxing some brand new game purchases. Since I’m away from home on a work trip, I had to jury-rig a stand to hold up my phone to take the video. Pretty slick, huh?

20150907 Camera Holder

It’s a coaster caddy on an upside-down vase stuck on a table lamp. I’m honestly pretty proud of it.

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to just start streaming. You simply hastily build a stand out of random furniture, open up the app, put up a description, point your camera at your subject, have a panic attack about what you’d say on camera, click a button and away you go. I was also pleasantly surprised to see random people tuning in on the stream as well.

However, both streams came in waaaaay too long in my opinion. I’ll put a clearly visible clock/time measurement device somewhere nearby next time so I can see how long I’m going and adapt. Also, I missed an opportunity to plug the podcast and site. Such a noob.

This was a surprisingly painless process, so I think I may continue using Periscope for stuff like this in the future. You can follow me as @ehronlime on Periscope if you’d like to see more, I guess.

The broadcasts expire after 24 hours, so I’ve uploaded the unedited videos up on YouTube below:

Unboxing New York 1901

Unboxing Demonslayer: The Siege of Mt. Kunlun

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