GEEKY SHIT: “Discord Flutter On” resin figure

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After production troubles, an extended waiting period, and offers of refunds, WeLoveFine has finally brought us the adorable “Discord Flutter On” statue based on original artwork by Samantha Bragg. For My Little Pony fans, there has been a growing availability of increasingly impressive figures and statues based on the Friendship is Magic run of the show, many of which have come out of WeLoveFine’s licensed merchandise store. After un-boxing and assembling this cute statue, I’d have to say that this is easily the most impressive piece of MLP merchandise I’ve come across. The magnetic components and stunning paint work are above and beyond what I was expecting. At over 8 inches (~21cm), it boasts an impressive scale that’s worthy of the design.


For those who are unfamiliar with the characters depicted, Fluttershy is the soft-spoken, animal-loving (as in, non-pony, wild animal variety) member of the “Mane six”. Her cutie mark (the pattern on her flank) is three pink and blue butterflies, which indicate her predisposition toward the nurturing of critters.

Discord on the other hand is brash and often more than a little mischievous. His character and personality are based on Q, from Star Trek. In the television series Discord is voiced by John de Lancie, who played Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Discord is a draconequus (or dragonokis, or draconequis, or draconaquis), a mythical creature invented by the Friendship is Magic series creator, Lauren Faust. He is a mishmash of animal components and loves to cause chaos. Due to Discord’s trickster/loner nature, Fluttershy becomes the obvious foil to Discord’s character and she eventually brings him on side, using her ability to befriend even the most chaotic of creatures.

This statue makes a stunning, (almost) classy centrepiece to any MLP collection. I’m more than happy I held onto my pre-order, and am thoroughly looking forward to seeing what else WeLoveFine has in store for us in the Friendship is Magic product line.  Click on any of the images to see the full-res photos.

Flutter10 Flutter09 Flutter07 Flutter05 Flutter04 Flutter03 Flutter02 Flutter01

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