Victory Pointers 009 – Design Philosophies and Collaboration with Matt Dunstan


We are joined by Matt Dunstan to discuss finding a community, collaborating on designs, how we come up with game ideas, working with publishers, and recognizing different philosophies of game design.

Matt Dunstan – @wisegoldfish /

Kim Brebach – @secretbasegames /

Aaron Lim – @ehronlime /

Sye Robertson – @syelon /

Episode link below or on iTunes, and feel free to send us any feedback at (for now). You can also follow us on Twitter as @victorypointers.

Victory Pointers Episode 009 – Design Philosophies and Collaboration with Matt Dunstan

What we talked about

1:50 – Starting game groups and Australian game design scene growth.

6:00 – Collaborating on game design

8:48 – On the spectrum of design and development

10:00 – How we come up with game ideas

17:10 – On missing rules documents in prototypes

26:17 – Setting design goals and agreeing on a vision for a game

31:10 – Will collaboration lead to more projects being finished?

35:39 – Working with publishers in developing games and finding the “best direction” for a game

41:43 – Level of polish in game prototypes at the pitching stage

44:26 – Building relationships with publishers

47:10 – Philosophies of game design

56:00 – The influence of who we play with and how we play

59:28 – Designing for a specific person

1:01:29 – Designing for the mass market


Links to what we talked about

Games we mentioned

Music: Something Small (Instrumental) by Minden is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License. Based on a work at



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