The Action Points Podcast! Episode 123 – Watching Over You

In this episode:

There’s going to be some Overwatch in this episode. No escaping it. We talk about ethical game design, particularly in relation to representation and monetisation. We also catch up on what we’ve been up to since we last recorded more than a month ago: Jackson was at AMAZE, Evan’s been playing Dark Souls 3 and reading up on it in You Died, Dan’s been playing Pokemon GO and T.I.M.E Stories, and I’ve been playing Alpaca Pakapaka and reading Something New and Relish by Lucy Knisley.

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Episode 123 – Watching Over You

Music: Theme for Harold (var. 2) by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.

Links for the things we talked about:


I was on the Hyper Pixelcast talking about Overwatch as well

A MAZE Independent Games Festival



Trust Me I’m a Doctor

You Died

Dark Souls 3

Pokemon GO

T.I.M.E Stories

Spiel des Jahres 2016

Alpaca Pakapaka

Aza Chen’s games

Cat Tower

Lucy Knisley’s amazing comics


Something New

Jim Sterling’s video on Overwatch and Microtransactions

Team Fortress 2


LEGO Minifigures

Pokemon TCG

Magic: The Gathering’s Reserved List

Adventure Capitalist

Neko Atsume

Tiny Tower Vegas

Fallout Shelter

Casey Muratori and Shawn McGrath on the “Free to Play” business model


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