Board Game Design Resources (Australia Edition)

(This page is still under construction. If you know of a great resource that’s not on here, please mention it in the comments or email us and we’ll add it here)

So you’re in Australia and you design board games? Here are some resources to help you out:

Local Events/Communities – ACT

Local Events/Communities – New South Wales

Unpub Mini Sydney

Good Games Hurstville Game Designer’s Meeting

Unpub Mini Newcastle


Local Events/Communities – Queensland

Brisbane Playtest Fest

Local Events/Communities – South Australia

Concentric Games

Local Events/Communities – Tasmania

Tasmanian Game Development Society (@TasGDS)

Local Events/Communities – Victoria

Games Laboratory Incubator (@IncubatorMel)

Gatekeeper Game Evolution Days

Local Events/Communities – Western Australia

Playup Perth

Game Foundry

Level One (weekly co-working space for game makers)

Online Resources – Sites/Blogs

Stonemaier Games

Carboard Edison

League of Gamemakers

The Action Points Podcast (shameless self plug)

Online Resources – Communities

Tabletop Game Designers Australia on Facebook

Australian Game Designers on Facebook

BGG Board Game Design Forum  (including this handy list of resources)


Board Game Designers Forum

Card & Board Game Designers Guild on Facebook

Kickstarter Best Practices on Facebook

Online Resources – Podcasts

The Action Points Podcast (more shameless plugging)

Victory Pointers (ditto)


The Game Design Roundtable

The Who, What Why? Game Design Podcast

On Board Games (Crowdfunding Edition)

The Gaming Careers Podcast

Online Resources – Videos

Meeple Syrup

Extra Credits