Drinking from the Flame: A Dark Souls 3 “Let’s Play”, Episodes 1-5

Evan has been drinking hard and playing hard. What started as a standard “Let’s Play” soon drove Evan to grog. His wife wishes he’d stop recording so many episodes in a row. As of this post, the first five episodes are available for your consumption.
Maybe he should start skulling as soon as his character has to drink an estus flask to recover health?

Evan begins his “Let’s Play” of Dark Souls 3 with a (hard) cider in hand, hiding in the dark. This is where his love affair with Dark Souls began (that is to say, it started with the third game in the series, as opposed to with alcohol and darkness).

Evan continues along the High Wall, axe-ing his way to the Pontiff’s outrider knight, Vordt, who’s seen better days. Another cider keeps him company.

Evan meets a bunch of new friends, even more new enemies, and finds comfort in a strawberry/lime cider and a white port. The port pairs well with the gruesome village life in the Undead Settlement.

It turns out an entire bottle of shiraz defeated Evan for this recording, but only moments after he wrapped it up. He’s fine. He just has a sore head. Today’s adventure sees us leave the Undead Settlement and finally make our way to the Road of Sacrifices. There’s a magical force blocking smooth passage to the Cathedral, to a floppy-hatted fiend must be dismembered before we can sign up to join the cathedral choir. And don’t worry, we eventually get a change of clothes. I promise.

A deliciously smoky peated whisky from Tasmania gives Evan strenght to fight giant crabs and a couple of crystal lizards that were fed after midnight. Also, a strange person in a mushroom hat has beef with him for some reason. Enjoy.

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