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Aaron (@ehronlime on Twitter and Instagram)


Hi, I’m Aaron. I like comic books, anime, manga, webcomics, tabletop games, video games, TV sitcoms and Hokkien Mee that is as black as the void between the stars. I’m Malaysian Chinese, but I’m currently residing in Melbourne, Australia, because the pay is good and the comic book shop is a walkable distance. I pride myself in maintaining the same accent from my childhood, though the vocabulary has certainly taken on some Australian-isms, which is a bummer for you guys because it’s supposedly difficult to listen to. I’m a bit of a dilettante, having shallow knowledge of various geeky subjects but my main interests lie in board and card games. I’ve written about how I got into games and comics on this blog, as well as talked about it on the podcast.

Major(ish) Influences: Porco Rosso, Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken, Magic the Gathering, Le Havre, Atomic Robo, Rocketo, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Tactics, Fables, scans_daily, Major Spoilers, Penny Arcade, The Name of the Wind, The Malazan Book of the Fallen, Harry Potter, One Piece, Dominion, World of Warcraft, Scott Pilgrim, Black Dynamite.

Stat Block:

Strength – 6

Dexterity – 6

Intelligence – 10

Charisma – 8

Eating – 20

Sleeping – 20

Willpower – 0

Rating: All Over the Place

Daniel (@pinkytweets on Twitter)


In an alternate universe, Daniel is more famous on broadway than NPH and Hugh Jackman, runs his own comics publishing empire that put Australian comics on the map, had three of his blogs optioned for book/movie deals, has two dogs (one white Alsatian and one Border Collie) speaks 8 languages and has an awesome beard that puts Will Riker’s to shame.

Alas, the Daniel of this universe is not famous, nor has he accomplished any of these feats.

The Daniel of this universe however may or may not have a complex about speaking of himself in the third person. (And should stop that ’cause its really annoying)

Daniel’s sole geek-hipster cred lies in the fact that he was on Android before it was cool, and has never owned an i-device.

Also, Daniel poops (so hard).

Evan (@moststrange on Twitter and Instagram)

Mah face2Evan here. Love is a battlefield, life is like a box of chocolates and my house is a toy shop. Seriously. My wife is so good to put up with me. Aaron, the aforementioned blog-master has been a major influence on my experience of both comics and board games, introducing me to such stellar titles as Atomic Robo and 20th Century Boys. I love him dearly, but my bank account wants to have a stern word with him. By the same token, Dan has shown me the beauty of a well-organised bookshelf. And his would rival any. Seriously. Drool-worthy.

I’m the main source on videogame discussion, anime and manga for this trio of geeks. Give me shōjo, shōnen, josei or seinen. I want it all. Maybe even a little BL. If it’s a classic. I love figures (the anime-inspired ones, not stats) and obscure Japanese IPs. I’m a bullet hell addict with the reflexes of a spring roll. Go figure. Did I mention I like figures?

Major Influences: Mother 3, Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei, Pluto, Doug TenNapel, The Wind in the Willows, Hellboy, Ouran High School Host Club, Cowboy Bebop, Bioshock, Ninja Gaiden, Vanquish, Atomic Robo

Stat Block:

Strength – 4

Constitution – 8

Dexterity – 4

Intelligence – 12

Wisdom – 2

Charisma – 18

GeForce GTX  – 670

Rating: Dork



Howdy, I’m the latest addition to the team, after Aaron could no longer ignore the correlation between my cameos and skyrocketing listenership (ahem). Games of all kinds are my thing, be they board, video, card or role-playing, but my latest obsession is Netrunner, which I’ve been known to try to force onto anyone who stands near me for long enough. Seriously, play it.

Besides games, my major interest is in brief biography sections.

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