Make Numbers Go Up: The Game

I just finished a cute little Flash game called Parameters. It is essentially a total abstraction of the mechanics behind many computer RPG and ARPG games. It looks like this:


In this game, the only thing you do is click on boxes. Some boxes represent Quests, which you only need to invest time and clicks in and you are rewarded with gold and XP. Make numbers go up. As you gain more XP, you level up and gain parameter points which you spend to increase 3 parameters: HP recovery, Attack and Defense. Make numbers go up again. You then use those 3 parameters and click on boxes representing monsters. Make numbers go down.

Defeated monsters give you more gold, XP and keys to unlock other missions, monsters and shops. You can spend your gold in these shops to…Make numbers go up. There are also some secret achievements (buy from every shop, defeat all monsters, fill your collection meter etc.) which are all related to making more numbers go up. It’s a game that distills the compulsions that drive us to complete certain games to its raw form. Make my numbers go up, make your numbers go down. So if you like Making Numbers Go Up, you should check it out.

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