Son of a (Sixth) Gun

The first issue of The Sixth Gun is free on Comixology this  weekend (14-16 September 2012), and there is also a sale going on at the same time for the rest of the series.

I would highly recommend picking up this series, or at least take a look at the free first issue to see if you like it. It’s a weird western tale, where the undead and occult mash up with gunslinging cowboys. The story concerns 6 terrible weapons that have reappeared through countless ages, as spears and swords and now as 6 special guns. One has the power of an explosion, one has the power to make puppets of the souls it kills, one has the power to burn, one has the power to cause disease and rot, one has the power to suck out the life force of its victims to replenish the owner’s, and one gun – the titular Sixth Gun… well that gun had better not fall into the wrong hands.

What are you waiting for? Go grab a free issue and check out the Sixth Gun this weekend, and let me know what you think.

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