Embassy Cast: Episode 05 – Rules

This is actually three weeks old, originally recorded on September 14th, however Tim’s PC just happened to die at that point plus his ma was in hospital and if that wasn’t enough, a bunch of other life stuff happened but never fear! We’re back with another digest of all things board games – well, not everything all at once; this ep, we talk rules.

Board game rules can be dicey (pause…) things to wrangle at times and every one of us has gotten them wrong. Join us as we talk it out, as well as how you might be able to minimise errors, tips for teaching and some notes on publishers, rule books and the ways rules can be represented in the actual game materials.

We’re boundary pushers here so this episode is 59 minutes and 45 seconds long, a whole 55 megachomp file and your music is Two Against Nature by Steely Dan, just to celebrate our return because three weeks is a long time.

Happy listening!

Rok & Tim.



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