GEEKY SHIT: Durarara!!x2 – Orihara Izaya 1/8 scale Psychedelic Ver. by ALTAiR (Alter)

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Of all the villains modelled on The Joker’s brand of “anarchy for interest’s sake”, Orihara Izaya is easily the most stylish. The fact that he’s a villain at all is impressive, given Durarara!!’s habit of giving empathy to all sides of any conflict.

Joining last year’s remodel of Izaya and Shizuo by Alter, comes the first “Psychedelic” figure. He makes a dashing addition to the collection. His bright white suit and pink accessories are adorable, and almost allow me to forgive him for his love of mental torture and general discord. His lines are clean, and although his cute headphone cable feels fragile, it was easily inserted into the figure. He’s fairly stable on his metal pole, but he can freely swing around to any angle, which could be dangerous in terms of figure ballance.

He matches nicely with the other figures in Alter’s Durarara!! line, and I’m really hoping we see more “Psychedelic” high school gangsters.

Feel free to click on any picture to see the full size photo.


GEEKY SHIT looks at rare, geeky, and (allegedly) awesome items in Evan’s collection

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