Embassy Cast Episode 08 – Special Guest Aaron, MeepleCon

This episode, we’re joined by the auspicious Aaron from the Action Points Podcast who kindly syndicate our show on their website. Aaron’s a fellow Melbournian and board game lover who we now game with regularly. He was also at MeepleCon 2014, an annual board game convention hosted in our fair city, so he was the perfect guest for the show.

As well as a wrap of the show, we talk about Mysterium, Spyfall and Hyperborea to name a few titles, as well as a new favourite from Japan for all three of us, Dungeon of Mandom.

We seem to be settling in nicely at the hour mark these days, so we hope you don’t mind the 1 hour and 3 minutes we’ll be chatting with you. Filesize is  57 megadice and your intro and outro music is Hey Bad Boy by Tommy February6.

Our next episode will likely be ground, pressed and drawn in January so merry December and a happy new year to all from Cardboard Embassy! If you’re a Melbourne resident or visiting in January, get in touch with us because we’ll be gaming our faces off as much as possible with our new Essen games.

Happy Listening!

Rok, Tim & Aaron.





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