GEEKY SHIT: Adventure Time Puff Jake N Lil Finn and Lady Rainicorn Med Figures by Kidrobot

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As some of you may be aware, I consider Adventure Time to be one of the most important shows of our generation. The way it plays with fantasy tropes using a modern vernacular, and its ability to render crazy situations as poignant reflections on life inspire me as a creator, and consumer. Our daughter was even named in honour of the show.

High quality figures from the series are few and far between, so when I found out that Kidrobot was releasing vinyl art toys on top of their already impressive trading (blind box) figures, I knew I had to get my hands on them.

The figures stray from the show’s design by re-imagining Finn as an urban kid, complete with BMO portable audio device, and puffy Jake jacket. Lady Rainicorn and Jake are more rounded than their TV counterparts, and are captured looking lovingly into each others’ eyes.


I’m absolutely in love with the designs, and the clean, rounded forms are well-suited to a vinyl art toy, but there’s a real concern when it comes to the price. These two start at $50 USD each and for that price you might expect them to be a little taller, and perhaps to have a little more precision on the paint job. The smaller scale means that the details and paint quality are suitably functional, but again, this really doesn’t gel with the price point for these art toys. If you’re trying to get them in Australia, you’re looking at ~$90 AUD each. Reviewing these as 6 and 7 inch vinyl toys, they’re an absolute delight, so if the cost isn’t an issue, they have my wholehearted recommendation.

There are minor imperfections (paint bleeding, scuffs, blobs in the vinyl) but nothing out of the ordinary for vinyl figures this size. These are some of the coolest pieces of Adventure Time merchandise available, so if you’ve got the space and cash, definitely add these to your collection.

AT02AT12AT03AT10AT11AT04AT05AT07AT08AT09AT13AT14AT15AT16AT17AT18AT19AT20AT21The following two colorways were created as convention exclusives, and as of the publication of this article, the purple Puff Jake is still available from Kidrobot’s website. I love the look of that Lord Monochromicorn.niiiceGEEKY SHIT looks at rare, geeky and (allegedly) awesome items in Evan’s collection.

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