Victory Pointers 014 – BorderCon with Joel Finch and David Harding


We were just in Albury for BorderCon, an annual board game convention that attracts plenty of board gamers from the surrounding states.  While we were there, we caught up with fellow game designers/publishers Joel Finch and David Harding to chat about what they’ve been up to.  We also talk about games that we played at the con, setting up consecutive playtests and other conventions coming up where you might find us.

Joel Finch – joelfinch on BGG / Unfair

David Harding – @grailgames / Grail Games

Kim Brebach – @secretbasegames / Good Games Publishing

Aaron Lim – @ehronlime /

Sye Robertson – @syelon /


Episode link below or on iTunes, and feel free to send us any feedback at (for now). You can also follow us on Twitter as @victorypointers.

Victory Pointers 014 – BorderCon with Joel Finch and David Harding

What we talked about

1:14 – Chatting with Sye about BorderCon and games we played there

10:38 – How the presentation of a game affects the expectations of the game length/weight

14:03 – Interview with Joel Finch, designer of Unfair

23:00 – Interview with David Harding, game designer and publisher at Grail Games

24:45 – Upcoming games from Grail Games

44:48 – Three types of playtesters, and playtesting consecutive games

55:00 – Promotional cards for playtesters

56:55 – Upcoming conventions

Links to what we talked about

Games we mentioned

Music: Something Small (Instrumental) by Minden is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License. Based on a work at



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