Adding Processed Fossil Fuel Products to Your Game!

I recently ordered some gaming accessories from LITKO, which have just arrived today. LITKO make a wide assortment of plastic game accessories and dice towers for a variety of games. Most of the items they sell were made to be compatible with miniatures games and war games, but they have also started designing accessories for board games as well. The main purpose of my purchases were to enhance my Dungeons & Dragons game, which in 4th Edition has come to resemble a tactical miniatures game due to heavy reliance on the battlegrid for combat. However, I just noticed they have recently released token sets for Dominant Species, which look pretty neat but probably would cost too much for me to pimp out the entire game. Let’s take a look at what I got, shall we?

Raging Fire Markers

I actually first heard of LITKO when their fire markers were used in the PAX 2010 Live D&D game. Thus these were the first things I wanted to add to my cart. None of the players actually have much use for the fire markers since they don’t have any fire-based powers, but they have (and will continue to!) tangled with elemental denizens of the fiery domains, so I will definitely find a use for these babies. They would have come in handy in the previous game when I was running an encounter full of fire elementals. The only complaint I have with the markers (and the flying stands shown later) is that they require assembly with glue, but they do prop up well enough even without the glue.

Flying Figure Stands

I also bought two sets of flying figure stands, for a total of four. Like the fire markers, the players don’t really have a use for them and it’s more for me to denote flying monsters. However, the players do still have a Raven Tribe Feather Charm each from when they helped the Garuda which will give them flight for a round, so they may be able to use these as well. As with the fire markers, these look to require gluing as well.

Multi-colour Boundary Markers Set

Finally, I also bought a set of boundary markers. The set comes with four sets of four tokens in four different colours. Usually when we play on the wet-erase battlemat, I just draw out the zones with markers. However, this is harder to manage when it comes to movable zones so I got this set which I think should solve all our problems.

I just got all these tokens and markers today, so I can’t comment on how they add to my Dungeons & Dragons games yet. At the very least, I know the boundary markers will be a welcome addition and will save me having to keep track of and redraw moving zones. The plastic is sturdy and of a very good quality, and the translucent pieces really stand out. I’ll be looking forward to using these accessories in my future games.

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