Boardgaming in Perth Redux – A Return to Cafe Myriade

I previously wrote briefly about my experience with Cafe Myriade back in 2012. Well, since last November I’ve been back in Perth again for work and I’ve been attending more board game events (like WABA’s Decembacon 2013, which I wrote about here) than before. One of the regular sessions is WABA After Dark, which is held at Cafe Myriade on the third Tuesday of every month (details on this and other WABA events are here). I’ve also swung around the cafe a few times apart from the WABA events and I just thought I’d update my review to reflect the changes they’ve made in the past year or so.

2014-02-18 Cafe Myriade 00

2014-02-18 Cafe Myriade 09

One of the more noticeable changes is the presence of TV screens affixed to the South wall of the cafe. Cafe Myriade now offers Wii games in addition to just boardgames. A peek at their events calendar and the signs around the cafe informs us that they even host Smash Brothers and Mario Kart tournaments regularly. I was actually there one Sunday for what looked like a Project M tourney and there were a lot of people in attendance. Some even brought their own controllers.

2014-02-18 Cafe Myriade 12

2014-02-18 Cafe Myriade 13

The events calendar is another change that I noticed. I think there might have always been one, but now it looks much more populated with more regular events. They also host regular Magic: the Gathering casual events in addition to board game tourneys and the aforementioned Wii game events. I think it’s great that the store supports so many different events and could be a great platform for bringing together gamers of all types. I know most traditional game shops also host many events, but the shops themselves can be daunting to newcomers to the hobby. The cafe setting builds a more casual atmosphere and attracts a different kind of crowd, which is a great option for many casual gamers who may then dig deeper into the hobby.

2014-02-18 Cafe Myriade 08

2014-02-18 Cafe Myriade 10

Another thing that I liked was the re-categorisation of the board games in the cafe. The shelves have now been split up slightly, and each unit of shelves houses a different category of games. While hardcore board gamers may lament the fact that the more heavy strategic games have been pushed to the back shelf, I think the categorisation is a great move which other stores should probably consider from the start.

2014-02-18 Cafe Myriade 07

2014-02-18 Cafe Myriade 06

2014-02-18 Cafe Myriade 05

Most of the clientele would be attracted to the light to medium games anyway, so it’s better to have them displayed more prominently. The label for the back shelf does say “games that get less love”, so they probably are just less popular since I did see some strategy games in the front shelves. I liked that they categorised the 2-player games, co-operative games and party games, since they are popular categories anyways.

2014-02-18 Cafe Myriade 01

2014-02-18 Cafe Myriade 03

The categorisation also extends to their updated website, which has a simple alphabetical list of games in addition to options to sort by weight of game and number of players. I think it would be a great tool to have at the store itself. I really hope they do amazingly well and are maybe able to have a few tablet devices with that sorted list functionality available to patrons. I think it’s still great to look at the shelves and boxes and make your choice that way, or have one of the staff recommend a game, but having an interactive sorted list could be really cool. Otherwise, maybe a QR code with a link to the list would be enough since most people would have a smartphone with them.

2014-02-18 Cafe Myriade 04

2014-02-18 Cafe Myriade 02

In closing, Cafe Myriade is still a great board game cafe and I think it has really improved in terms of providing more cool options for casual gamers of various types. I like that they’re now more organized and have many different events on offer, and I really hope they continue to do well in Perth.

2014-02-18 Cafe Myriade 11


Jeannie was down in Perth to visit, and we visited Cafe Myriade together again. Last time, she ate all my poor meeples in Survive. This time, we mostly played Balloon Cup. It’s a great two player card game where you play down numbered cards at different locations to try and win ballooning trophies.

2014-02-18 Balloon Cup 01

There are 4 locations, and each one will have 1-4 cubes on it. The number and colour of cubes determine what colour cards can be played and in what amounts. Once both players have played the appropriate cards on their respective sides, the totals of the cards are compared. The location determines whether the lowest or highest total wins the cubes at that location. There are then 5 Cups which can be claimed by turning in certain numbers of coloured cubes, and the first person to get 3 Cups wins.

As you can see, it’s a fairly easy game. However, we both really liked playing it. It has the right balance of ease and strategy for a light 2 player game. You have to consider the importance of the cubes you are fighting for as well as plan out the best way to utilise the cards in your hand. Since it’s important to be the first to claim a Cup, you also can try to manipulate when the locations score so that it doesn’t benefit your opponent more. We liked it so much we came back another day for a rematch. The theme is a bit weak, but it’s still a fun game and I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

2014-02-18 Balloon Cup 02

We also played a 2 player co-op of Legendary where things looked incredibly dire at the beginning but Jeannie managed to summon a whopping 25 Power in a turn to go smack the Master Villain silly and win the game. Pretty tense but a lot of fun.

2 responses to “Boardgaming in Perth Redux – A Return to Cafe Myriade

  1. Hi Aaron, nice to see that you are now back again for more board games! I was away for the whole February so its a pity that I probably missed you guys when you dropped by. I only just happened to find out that you put down another entry about us when I searched for ‘board game Perth’ on Google (I do that sometimes to see if there’s any feedback or criticism I need to know and address apart from those on Facebook and Urbanspoon).

    Thanks again for your compliment and great ideas about the tablet and QR coding system – I shall start looking into that option or something equivalent.
    Some fun fact – most of the changes in the cafe such as more events like project M smash bros, Magic the gathering etc are all brought in by the respective communities in Perth, which is great because I get to meet people who may not be interested in board games but in one of those events. I also truly wouldn’t have expected that Australia best Smash players are mostly in Perth!

    Hope everything is well on your end and hopefully I’ll personally see you and be able to talk to you one of these days. Do drop me an email when you are planning to come by, I’ll try to make it there. :)


    • Hi Nathan! Thanks for commenting! It’s nice to know that you actively seek out and address comments and feedback. We actually did meet once, albeit I didn’t bring up then that I had written a review of your place over a year ago :p I was the guy who emailed you about buying El Grande.

      I’m also really glad that you seem to be doing pretty well, and there’s an active community of gamers in Perth. I’ve been enjoying myself here so far, and will be sad when I have to leave. I wish Melbourne still had a flourishing board game cafe, but at least we still have some very nice gaming stores. Keep up the great work at Myriade, Nathan!

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