GEEKY SHIT: The Four Horsies of the ‘Pocalypse, art toys by Bigshot Toyworks

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Bigshot Toyworks sits at the intersection of great design, cool IPs, and excellent production. Their work on Maddie, the Cthuloid My Little Pony inspired character, was followed up in 2015 by a Kickstarter to launch their line of apocalyptic horsies. These are The Four Horsies of the ‘Pocalypse. A parody of MLP and manufactured rad 90’s tween culture, the horsies are great art toys with fantastic detail for their scale. I’ve had countless folks ask where they can get them every time I post a photo on social media. These are geeky, fun and perhaps ironically edgy.

Head further down the page to check out a full photo gallery of these adorably scary teenage forces of nature.

The 4 horsies and their mentor, Maddie, all have a backstory and character traits right out of a Saturday morning cartoon (although mildly more terrifying). In this version of our world, the 4 horseman went without a job when the apocalypse didn’t go to schedule. These “horsies” are are the teenage children of the horsemen’s horses. With me so far? Good.

The following profiles and CG promo shots have been taken from their website:


The Horsies’ mysterious mentor, Maddie is an ‘older sister’ type with an affinity for sleeping. Despite her drowsy disposition, this tentacled terror is an incredibly capable strategist and the ‘face’ to the ‘Pocalypse.


Were there an outsider among outsiders, Calamity would be it. Forever cursed with cold-like symptoms, this miserable, flu-ridden flea bag is forced to wear a gas mask at all times to protect her teammates.


Rotten to the core… or is that just Raven’s nature? The typical, starved and insatiable teen… only to the extreme, Raven’s hunger is both literal and spiritual. She wants what everybody has until she gets it!


Clash is the latest in a long line of infamous war horsies, a legacy that infuriates and scares her. A hot head, Clash is looking to ‘go to bat’ with anyone brave enough to cross her.


Nothing scares Ghost… that is, except Ghost. Constantly at odds with his abilities, this ‘nervous nellie’ avoids getting close to anyone, afraid that he might… snuff ’em. With that in mind, Ghost is always awkwardly mindful of his proximity to others, hoping not to add to the long list of incidents from his past.

I backed the Four Horsies of the ‘Pocalypse™ collectible art toy figures Kickstarter campaign back in january 2015. I had a great time getting involved, watching production and prototyping, culminating in the Maddie bust arriving at my door a few days ago (thanks to an unfortunate postage error, which was resolved easily thanks to excellent communication from the Bigshot team).

The horsies sit at around 4-5 inches tall, while Maddie is 6 inches, and the mini translucent variants are 4 inches tall. The Maddie bust is approximately 9 inches (which just precludes her from sitting on the same shelf as the rest of my set. Fortunately, she looks right at home next to Monkey with a Gun, another of Bigshot’s wonderful creations. Most figures in the set have multiple points of articulation (wings, head, etc) to accommodate slightly varied poses.

Head over to the shop webpage to grab your own creepy horsies. As I mentioned, these figures get more interest than almost any others in my collection thanks to their joyously creepy designs. They’re positively wonderful. I can’t wait to see what Bigshot Toyworks produces next.

Here’s the full photo gallery, including Ghost, Clash, Calamity, Raven, Maddie, and the mini Maddie in three different colorways (purple, green, red), as well as the Maddie bust. Click on any image to see the photo at full resolution.
Ghost04 Ghost03 Ghost02 Ghost01 Clash04 Clash03 Clash02 Clash01 Calamity05 Calamity04 Calamity03 Calamity02 Calamity01 Raven04 Raven03 Raven02 Raven01Horsies01Maddie06Maddie05Maddie04Maddie03Maddie02Maddie01Maddiep04Maddiep03Maddiep02Maddiep01Maddieg04Maddieg03Maddieg02Maddieg01Maddies01


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