GEEKY SHIT: 1/6 Scale Baby Hellboy Figure – Mondo Exclusive

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I’m going to break a few rules with this GEEKY SHIT post. I don’t normally show off (nor collect for that matter) action figures. I don’t often bother with items this small, either (unless they’re part of a set, like the lovely Horsies of the ‘Pocalypse). And I certainly wouldn’t condone copying slabs of promotional text from the shop’s website, but with Mondo‘s adorable Baby Hellboy action figure, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

From Mondo’s website:

Summoned to Earth on December 23rd, 1944, the half-demon child known as Anung Un Rama was intended change the tide of WWII in Germany’s favor. Instead he was discovered by US soldiers, given the name Hellboy, and would go on to fight the forces of evil as an adult. Working closely with creator Mike Mignola to design the definitive baby Hellboy, the figure features 6 points of articulation (neck, tail, shoulders, right elbow, and right wrist), and the cutest lil face Hell ever spawned. Now’s your chance to hold this little bundle of demonic joy in your own hands! This version, available only from Mondo, includes the removable Crown of the Apocalypse!

Baby Hellboy is one of 2 action figures (along with 3 statues) I own that depict the big, red half-demon, although this incarnation is far from large. At around 3.5 inches, he’s tiny compared with my 18 inch Previews Exclusive Mezco Hellboy (pictured below alongside Baby HB). As the promotional text states, this limited exclusive edition came with a tiny crown of flame to sit upon the little boy’s head. I would have prefered a magnetic attachment, but for a $3 bonus accessory, I’m not complaining. The Exclusive Edition ran for $40 off Mondo’s store, and was available for mere hours, not thanks to a small inventory, but instead a designated tiny pre-order window, perhaps to match Baby Hellboy’s stature.


The paint work is simple, but suitable for the size, and his cheeky expression is super cute. Baby Hellboy might seem expensive, but I feel like this art piece works on multiple levels. It’s an action figure with a reasonable amount of movement, it comes in the most wonderfully retro-styled display box, and it looks great as a (tiny) posed statue. I would have prefered a more subtle join on his left arm, but I love the pose, designed to match the original illustration. One of the original panels from the comic, showing a photograph of HB, taken not long after he was found, is included on the inside of the front panel of his box which opens up into a lovely, book-style display window.


The panels from the original comic, just above the photograph shown on the box

This little action figure is fairly tricky to track down, but I’m thoroughly glad his cute face will be looking back at me from my collection. Feel free to check out my reviews of Mondo’s The First Hellboy Statue, along with Sideshow’s Premium Format Hellboy, and Kotobukiya’s Vinyl Hellboy. Click on any of the images below to see them at a higher resolution.

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GEEKY SHIT looks at rare, geeky, and (allegedly) awesome items in Evan’s collection.

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